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Superior Clear

Choose from the Clear Vision range where excellent transparency and clarity is required for superior views.


GlassCo Australia superior clear provides maximum transparency and clarity by providing a crystal clear glass without the green tint usually found in standard float glass. This is achieved by removing the iron content from the glass during manufacture.

The result is readily apparent with thick glass where the edges remain clear and colour transmittance is more accurately processed in the same way as standard float glass. Superior Clear is available in laminated, toughened and toughened laminated form. It is particularly useful when glass has an applied design or colour where light colours such as white remain true. Light transmission is also higher than standard glass which assists in the collection of solar energy. The sheer beauty of this product opens up a raft of new possibilities for architects and designers.
The table below shows the light and solar transmission performance for Superior Clear and standard float glass.


Features and benefits:

High clarity, crystal clear, low iron glass for special applications.
Very high light transmission of over 90%
High solar transmission for solar power
Can be toughened and laminated
Maintains colour consistency over the range of glass thickness
Used in Painted / Decorative Glass and very thick products such to minimise natural green tone

Comparison of light and solar transmission


  • Shopfronts and display cases
  • Balustrades and Total Vision
  • system entries
  • Furniture
  • Splashbacks
  • Painted / Decorative Glass
  • Appliance glass
  • Solar collectors and high
  • Performance mirrors
  • Specialist applications requiring thick glass

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