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Insulated Glass Unit



GlassCo Australia takes pride in having the latest State of the art IGU line series from LISEC. The fully automated manufacturing line with an automatic sealing robot using only high quality structural silicone and adding Argon gas to all of its units assists with increasing the performance of every unit produced by GlassCo Australia.

 Figure below Shows a typical GlassCo Australia manufactured double glazed unit containing ARGON GAS in the air space






IGU’s can be manufactured in any of the following ways using any of the following combinations;

Smallest aluminium spacer – 6mm
Largest aluminium spacer – 24mm
Smallest unit – 180mm X 350mm (can go smaller with hand sealing method)
Largest unit – 2500 X 3500

Producing units with glass from;

3mm Annealed upwards, 4 mm toughened glass upwards and 5.38 laminated glass upwards.

GlassCo Australia can also produce tinted, patterned, obscure and custom laminated units if required.







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